Cars, cars, cars. 30 years ago, I became a car mechanic, developing prototypes for Audi in the following exciting years. Trading my workbench for the writing desk was a big step towards translating, illustrating and writing books – about cars, what else.

The following years as a motor-journalist, photographer and art-director honed my skills to discern the essential in words and pictures – cars, the faster the better! A decade of driving and navigating on stage & track were great fun, but made me realize that my place to be competitive is rather behind the lens of a camera.

Bitten by the rally-bug in 1989 during a camping adventure in "Monte Carlo" WRC became my passion and profession. As a freelance photographer I cover the WRC in the 13th season now – nearly 200 rallies full of passion and good memories. Several Rally Dakar’s were as exiting as the work for Mitsubishi in WRC, till they resigned in 2005. Since then I cover the WRC for car-manufacturers, magazines, organizers and THE photo agency in the WRC – McKlein.